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      Welcome to Shandong Huajing ! STOCK CODES: 300432
      • +86-0536-8982358
      • +86-0536-3820581
      • +86-15318917616
      • B, Wanda Plaza, Weifang City, Shandong Province, China
      • +86-0536-3820588
      • +86-0536-3820581
      • Naoshan Economic Development Zone,Qingzhou City,Shandong Province,China.
      About Us

      Shandong Huajing Glass Co.,Ltd.

      Shandong Huajing Glass Co.,Ltd. can provide innovative products and solutions for retail industry. With 20000 square meters of factory area and 150 employees, SHHAG has production lines for Electric Heated Glass Door,Freezer Glass Door,Chiller Glass Door,Walk-in Cooler Glass Door,Wine Cabinet Glass Door,Beverage Cooler Glass Door,Island Freezer Glass Door,TLCD Glass Door and other Commercial Refrigerator Glass Door. 
      We accept OEM orders and customized orders for related products. Our products have passed CE, ROHS, SGS, SASO, CCC certifications. All products are manufactured according to ISO9001-2008 quality control system that ensures stable quality and reliable performance of the products.


      We have successfully established long-term relations with leading electric appliances companies in domestic and international markets. We are glass door supplier for Haier, Carrier, Sanyo, Epta, Fukushima, Little Duck, etc. Our products are exported to America, Canada, Korea, England, Russia, Australia, European Union, New Zealand, Philippines, Malaysia, Chile, South Africa.

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      International Business
      Address:B, Wanda Plaza, Weifang City, Shandong Province, China
      Domestic Business
      Dep.one:Mr.Huang +86-15318901691
      Dep.two:Mr.Li +86-18953666169
      Supermarket Renovation Team:Mr.Yang +86-15318906366
      Address:Naoshan Economic Development Zone,Qingzhou City,Shandong Province,China.